Time line

The Corson family, settled in Mauritius since the 18th century, became a pioneer of the tea industry a century later with a five-acre plantation. A passion for tea, aesthetic appeal and refinement have been the company’s guiding principles, while adopting a tradition of innovation.


The key moments of Corson Tea


  • 2011

    deborah et laura

    Mrs Laura Giselle (Corson) M. d’Unienville joined the family enterprise. Both Mrs d’Unienville and Adam are equal partners and directors of Corson Tea Estate Co. Ltd.

  • 2009

    In search of export and diversification, Mrs. Deborah Adam, General Manager, is trustful for the future.

  • 2008

    The HACCP (hazard analysis & critical control point) in order to guarantee a healthy and quality product. A monitoring audit is done every year.


  • 2005

    Mrs. Mylène (Corson) Merle and Deborah (Corson) Adam perpetuate the family tradition while working for the company after the retirement of their mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Corson. 2008 : Corson Tea Estate Co. Ltd is the first tea factory to obtain, in December.

  • 2004

    Flavoured tea

    Launch of 12 new flavours, available in two collections « »Les Classiques and « Les Fruités ».

  • 1998

    Large investments in sophisticated machinery allowed Corson to introduce convenient tea-bags on the market. Launch of the new line “La Théière des Iles” loose teas of 50 and 125 grams respectively, attractively presented in metal boxes known as caddies for its freshness and taste. This line is mainly aimed at the tourist market.

  • 1997

    Corson Tea Estate participated in the 2nd International Tea Symposium in Vienna, in order to keep abreast of international trends.

  • 1980

    Elizabeth Corson, widow of Marie Jean Raoul, heads up the company for the next 24 years with the help of her daughter, Mylène Merle (as from 1995).

  • 1956

    Marie Jean Raoul Corson travelled to large tea-growing countries, such as Sri Lanka, Malawi, Kenya, in order to improve the cultivation methods of tea. He also spent some time in London, the tea trade’s hub, to master the intricacies of the international market.

  • 1931

    Raoul Corson took over from his father at the head of the family business.


  • 1919

    Auguste Jules Corson introduced the famous vanilla tea on the local market, which today remains the most popular tea amongst the Mauritian people.

  • 1893

    Auguste Jules Corson, son of Joseph Jules Corson, was made honorary member of the Chamber of Agriculture for his achievements in the tea industry.

  • 1886

    Joseph Jules Corson introduced the first tea seeds of the Assam Hybrid variety from Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

  • 1872

    Joseph Jules Corson, his grandson, leaves Mauritius for Ceylon to improve his knowledge and skills in the tea industry.

  • 1792

    Arrival in Mauritius of Joseph Marie Corson from St Malo, Britanny, France.